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We Build SAFELY! We Build Together! We Build UNITY!

Committed to Your Well-Being

Charter is committed to the well-being of each employee. Charter strives to have an evolving, innovative, and genuinely caring culture that raises the bar for the entire construction industry.

People Are Our Motivation

Where does our motivation come from? People! Behind every safety statistic is a person. Charter Construction will always prioritize people. Our focus on people drives our improvement for competence, encouraging and affirming safe behaviors from all. We provide the tools people need to make informed decisions, plan fully and identify incident root causes.

Implementing EHS

We realize the importance of implementing EHS into every phase of a project, from pursuit to top-out, and our teams measure and evaluate safety daily. We have created a mobile auditing system to collect and analyze raw data from each jobsite, which helps us be diligent and up to speed on our trending hazards. Charter construction is better able to identify potential risks and develop valuable prevention plans.

We are constantly assessing our injury rates, safety observation trends, standards, and how our overall vision is being communicated to each individual employee. Every voice is important and needs to be heard. We recognize that, from a business standpoint, EHS goes hand-in-hand with quality, schedule and budget. We meet regularly with all of our project teams and actively participate in holding each other accountable.

Thinking forward safely:

  • Hard hats to helmets for increased cranial protection
  • Policy innovations
  • A consistent evolving Comprehensive falling object prevention policy
  • Variation of gloves for job specific task
  • Charter construction safety app capable of auditing and trends
  • Bilingual safety training school (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic)


Charter Construction Inc stands for many things: the health, safety and well-being of our teams being the priority!! COME BUILD SAFELY WITH US!!


Turner Talley

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Wilson